Incredibly rich visual experience of the visions of hell, made by Canadian film archivist Stephen Broomer based on the first film adaptation of the Divine Comedy of 1911.

Tondal's Vision

Canada | 2018 | 64 min
Stephen Broomer
Russian premiere
A fable and immram, sifted from the cloak and rubble of the Comedy, a vision before Dante. The soul of the knight Tondal, stricken by the excesses of his flesh, quits his body to tour the next world. He is guided by an angel through heaven, hell and limbo. What lessons await him here? To every pleasure there is a cost, for poetry is a kind of poison, and even your angels will get you lost. Angel, tell me, for how long was I dead? Be it true or be it false, it is as the copy was.

Stephen Broomer

Stephen Broomer (b. 1984, Toronto) is a filmmaker and film preservationist. He is the author of Hamilton Babylon: A History of the McMaster Film Board (2016) and Codes for North: Foundations of the Canadian Avant-Garde Film (2017). His films have screened at Anthology Film Archives, San Francisco Cinematheque, and the International Film Festival Rotterdam.
July 12
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